YAMAHA SS/ZS Feeder Storage Cart , Feeder Trolley , Feeder Cart for Yamaha YS YSM Pick And Place Machine

YAMAHA SS/ZS Feeder Storage Cart
Stainless Steel
Two layers,40pcs per layer

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Specification of Feeder Cart
1.Uesd for YAMAHA YS12  YS24 YSM10 YSM20 M20 Chip Mounter Pick And Place Mahcine.  Can place SS series feeder and ZS series feeder.
2.Material : Stainless Steel
3.Structure : Two layers,40pcs per layer
4.Dimension : L800*W600*H1080MM
5.Wheel : Four Omni-directional wheel
6. Options : Material basket

Introduce of Feeder Cart
Uses: Used to place feeders, feeder materials in advance, feeder turnover storage, and improve production efficiency. It is widely used in the turnover and placement of feeders in SMT production workshops. It is stable in placement, free to take and place, and can be moved or fixed at will.
Material: Made of stainless steel, the structure is designed with high hardness square tube, the body is light, strong and durable. Four 3-inch swivel casters, two with brakes, two movable, easy to move.
Quality: The frame is not deformed after being filled with feeders, and the whole is solid, light, strong and durable.
Technology: The fixed platform of the feeder cart is the same as the feeder platform of the chip mounter. It is convenient to place the feeder. The platform uses anti-static plastic strips, which are durable and anti-static. It is designed to be divided into upper and lower layers. The feeder is stable and beautiful after being installed. Equipped with a grounding chain, effectively anti-static.
Features: The feeder cart is made of stainless steel. The body is firm, light, durable and flexible. It is equipped with anti-static drag chains, which can move freely and has a brake device. Divided into upper and lower floors, a total of 80 feeders can be loaded. The feeder cart adopts a detachable design, which is convenient for transportation; various interfaces are fixed by screw locking, which is easy to assemble.

*What brands of feeder cart do you mainly sell?
We have JUKI, Yamaha, Samsung/Hanwha, Panasonic, FUJI, Siemens/ASM, etc.
*What is your delivery time?
We have most of the feeder cart models in stock, and we can deliver the goods within 3 days after payment; for the feeder cart models that are out of stock and need to be manufactured, we can also deliver within a week.
*How to transport feeder cart truck?
All regions of the world can be shipped by DHL, UPS, FedEx international express. Europe can also be transported by rail, and America and Australia can be transported by express ship.

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